Updates 3-december

The new updates release log till 3 december:

- Ruud set adds extra life: 55.000 hp
- x-shop: added sword and crossbow BAA/blessed archangel
- x-shop: added fenrirs
- x-shop: remove Mithril and Spirit Powder
- changed antihack system
- added new NON-PvP server

- security fixes
- minor performance fixes & optimalisations.

New cleaned-up client with latest fixes installed released in our download section or

run update.exe in your mutop100 gameclient.

November installed updates log:

- ice queen drops intermediate stone, to create level2 wings
- elemental punish pvm damage % of life monster reduced, too big damage on pvm bosses.
- deep dungeon 1 spots + mini bosses with good drops ( Elemental Rune, new pentagram )
- 20 wcoins auto-reward every 1 hour online time
- scroll of flame at lorencia shop
- Pouch of Blessing (Stadium) % chance it drops Soul aswell
- Fix Lucky Coin reward for 30, better items for elemental, removed spirit powder aswell
- Siege event, guild WINNERS = defending
- Exp event enabled

- Socket values fixes

- Pvp & pvm fixes

Posted 03 / 12 / 2018 By MuAdmin

Currently this is only one server.