Mu online top 100 private server updates

Mu online top 100 private server fixes

- Added extra Latin-US mu top 100 online subserver 3.
-- Fixed muonline guild creation on muserver 1 not visible at muserver 3
-- Fixed dual login on both mutop100 servers issue

- Fixed custom bows height max 4.
- Fixed inventory bows not in the display correctly in the middle.
- Added PVP zones to maps lorencia and dualzone at non-pvp server
- Fixed issue with push back in lorencia
- Fixed RF glove/sword

- Global fps lag gameplay optimalisations
-- Some sets changed there appearence, because bad FPS design issue
-- Disabled 3d only at lorencia
-- Viewing distance reduced
-- Fixed files ram-usage
-- Added new custom items
-- Added new ancient options Ultimate
-- Download the anti-lag mu client for perfect pvp !

- XShop fixes
-- Lances bug
-- Cross shield has now exe options

- Offtrade enabled at NORIA
-- type /offtrade ingame

- Added elemental rune at lorencia bar ( 150m zen )
- Added elena letter dimension gate at lorencia bar.
- removed guarda bottles (due bug)

- Fixed custom lances for growl lancer issue with no skills

- Fixed all the muonline skills for DW.
-- The dark wizard skills feels more faster and smooth due agility bug fixes
-- Increased the mu PvM damage

- Fixed all the mu online skills for MG.
-- The muonline magic gladiator feels more faster and smooth

- Fixed all the mu top 100 server skills for SUM.
-- The mu top 100 summoner skills feels faster and smoother
-- Reduced mu lightning shock but increased the muonline skill speed
-- Increased the FireBeast damage percentage
-- Increased the AquaBeast damage percentage
-- Removed skill delay on pollution skill
-- Increased damage Explotion & Requiem

- Fixed all mu private server skills for RF.
-- The muserver ragefighter skills are faster and smoother 
-- Darkside skill distance increased
-- Dragon roar damage reduced and distanced decreased, visual lag fixed
-- Fixed boost maximum vitality skilltree didn't add
-- Debuff skills in muhelper dc fix

- Fixed mu online private server skills for DL.
-- The muonline darklord skills are faster and smoother.
-- Fireburst visual restored
-- Firescream hits ultra fast now

- Fixed mutop private mu server skills for GL.
-- The mu online growl lancer skills are faster and smoother.
-- Shining peak does more damage
-- Spin step damage increased
-- Magic Pin damage decreased

- Fixed mu skills for ELF.
-- The muserver elf skills are faster and smoother.
-- Ice arrow does more damage
-- fixed penetration skill
-- (triple shot removed on custom bows, seems glitched for now)

- Fixed mu skills for DK.
-- The mu server dark knight skills fixes
-- Rageful blow damage increased
-- Strike of destruction increased
-- Added twisting slash delay (due lag issue)
-- increased ts damage muonline


Posted 23 / 02 / 2019

Running temporary in TEST-MODUS

We are currently running in a TEST-MODUS

- Every 5 minutes 500k Wcoins added to ur account

- All items in NPC


Once we fixed remaining issue's we will go live again. For contact use our DISCORD channel

Posted 12 / 02 / 2019

Download the new SxIII episode II client !

Update completed,

Download the new seasonXIII episode II client to login into the game !

Posted 12 / 02 / 2019

Upgradingin server to SXIII episode 2

We are upgrading our server to season XIII episode II

Please standby


It can take several hours to complete this task

Posted 12 / 02 / 2019

Currently this is only one server.