Muonline new patch 30 august

30 august update list

- Lastman standing npc walks away
- Lastman standing event: map changed
- Lastman standing event: Bug goes out of bound fix
- Socket items upgrade, gives same count sockets as orginal upgrade item
- Upgrade archangel items 100% fix
- Socket now can have same options ( but only at low %, so 5x5% damage reduction now possible )
- max damage decrease is now 150%
- Events party warp disabled
- Poison arrow damage reduced
- Increase RF pvp damage
- Added elemental rune + powder to acheron
- New ancient items dont need lvl 800 anymore
- elf multishot reduced



24 august update list

- Antihack install / teleport issue
- when you upgrade your socket item skill/luck loss fix
- spots at raklion
- crywolf event drops custom jewels & ancients
- sky-map non-pvp
- new ancient items seems to be some error on total options fix
- Cannot wear dark devil shield and miracle staff fix
- added socket shield drops raklion
- knicks boss drops rings+pendants and jewel of dark bless/soul
- GoD of Darkness only drops custom jewel
- Acheron spots added with drops for mithril farming
- Change npc position Luke Lastman standing + rename to 138-140 lorencia
- trade/store lucky tickets
- Soul seeker/Meteor storm/Meteor strike damage reduced, increased other skills pvm and pvp

Posted 30 / 08 / 2018

Muonline 16 august updates

We've added alot of new custom items, these items can can contains up to 2 different ancient types !

Other fixes:

- MG ruud skill reduced

- HP bug half when buff fix

- Improved bosses drops

- Improved Xshop

- Grand resets enabled !



Make sure to run update.exe to get the latest fixes

Posted 16 / 08 / 2018

Big updates installed: 27-7-2018

Allright the next updates are installed now!
- run update.exe to collect the latest fixes.

- New ingame shop items (x)
-- For 6 excellent set
-- Custom jewels
-- Wings lvl 1-2-3-4

- (Website) online time gives now 50 wcoins par hour.
- Added good wcoins farming from bosses & events.
- Fixed skilltree 3th&4th passive formula's to match PvM and PvP.
- Fixed alot of skill damage & PvP/Pvm OP issue's.
- Increased PvM damage of all skills ( due to nerf for bugged OP 1-hit skills ).
- Increased Ruud from bosses 15k up to 55k par boss.
- Added serverside antihack for skillspeed.
- Increased HP for all characters.
- Allow FO+acc drops ingame, and you can upgrade them with harmony ( tested with pvp, result is fixed faster pvp, but not 1 hit KO )
- Can trade items with JOH now.
- Added Lorencia ring PK-Free zone.

- All Bosses Removed ennoying skill that all goes MISS MISS MISS, except elemental damage hits
-- Some bosses, summon minions. You have to kill them first ( this is designed miss rate )

- Reduced Kundun HP
- Core magriffy reduce HP
-- but increased damage abit
- Reduced Sylvester HP
-- added wcoins 500 always drops
-- can drop ruud 30%
-- can drop 7 socket item
-- can drop jewel of socket ( adds +1 socket options )

- Removed balrog mob from BC.
- Added wcoins in BC wizard.

- Increased FO item droprate from any excellent item drop ( I dropped 15 boxes and found FO item ).
- Fixed alot of items that were stuck in event inventory.
- Trade items fixed ( panda, etc )
- Increased starters EXP abit.
- JOH have now fair option to be a good option ( all options has 50% chance ).
- When creating wings from chaos machine, good % has quality excellent options, and moderate % for FO.

- Spots added to nix, darkness
- Increased droprate sXIII items at higher maps
-- Steel of Heaven
-- Stones

- Added lucky coins npc to lorencia

And alot more small fixes, but forgot to write down xD

Have fun !

Posted 27 / 07 / 2018

Small updates installed

Sorry for the trouble, we installed some minor patch this morning.


- Wind sould skill damage 4th class fix

- JOH gave only defence increase +3 fix


Thanks for reporting and don't forget to register for siege this saturday

Posted 20 / 07 / 2018

Maintenance completed

Finally, we succesfullly the patch.

Took a bit longer then expect due the bug that masterskilltree BK skills had an weird issue while using the correct formula. But we're gladly we solved it and all is up and running now.



- moss visual price bug
- moss keeps spinning
- lower box,higher,luxe box drops only 5000 zen fixed ( drops 100% quality item now )
- scroll of etramu cannot trade
- orb of defence name
- Master Skills bk

- Hell Maine Leather stuck in inventory

- Siege world activated, Saturday will the register period start

Siegetime will be


Dordrecht, Netherlands*

CEST (UTC +2) 


New York, NY, USA*

EDT (UTC -4) 


Manila, Philippines

PHT (UTC +8) 



Reduced wind soul skill damage

added fireburst in lorencia shop




Posted 19 / 07 / 2018

Currently this is only one server.